Your Guide to Exceptional Espresso Drinks

How to Make Espresso

A Beginning is a Very Delicate Time…

The idea for How to Make Espresso occurred quite by accident.

How to Make Espresso

Some years ago While shopping at Pike’s Place Market in Seattle I stopped in a small espresso cafe on the corner of 2nd and Stewart.

I ordered a double shot cappuccino and was both surprised and delighted with the taste. Even more so when the barista poured a beautiful little leaf right into my drink.

How to Make Espresso - Cappuccino








More important than the design was the TASTE!

Even though I live a short ferry ride away from Seattle–the place known as “latte land”–I had never enjoyed such a silky smooth, rich, aromatic and tasty espresso drink.

Before that day I had no idea what an expertly prepared Italian-style espresso drink could taste like.

Since then I’ve learned that same small espresso cafe enjoyed numerous awards from a variety of espresso aficionados. I learned how to make espresso and became a barista at their roaster.

Sometime later I opened my own shop and took immense pleasure in serving those very same espresso experiences to my own customers.

These days I serve superior Italian-based espresso drinks to my family and friends.

Somewhere along the way and many years later I decided to help others learn how to make espresso and enjoy the wonderful experience of creating and enjoying exceptional espresso drinks and so…

 How to Make Espresso

Became a reality. Join me on our adventure together as we explore the fine art and science of learning how to make espresso drinks that are deliciously decadent and expertly prepared.

How to Make Espresso Inspiration

Caffe D’arte at 2nd and Stewart in Seattle







Cappuccinos, Macchiatos,  lattes and Americano espresso drinks that rivals the best you have ever had, all from the comfort and, convenience of your own home. But first

A little inspiration goes a long way…OMG!

Reality Check!  We won’t be making anything quite so beautiful as this video shows, at least not yet BUT I promise ours will be every bit as delicious.

Okay Sit back, relax and let’s get started with the 4 M’s of really great espresso!